Saturday, May 31, 2014

Minion Rush Hack

minion rush hack


Looking for the best minion rush hack? Well now you can get our best minion rush hack for free!

We will describe the best way to get our Minion Rush Hack Tool being used by Minion Rush Tokens for Free. To be able to get the Minion Rush Hack Program follow the Step by Step Tutorial below. The Minion Rush Hack works for iOS and Android including iPod, iPhone and iPad. To use the Minion Rush Hack you do not need to have origin or a jailbreak for your cellphone, all you need is your PC or MAC.

Lets Get Started With The Minion Rush Hack!

Step 1: download the hack below.
Download Hack
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Step 2:We are only letting 100 people download our minion rush hack to prevent it from being patched because of that to download the hack you must pay with a tweet.

Step 3:Go ahead and save the minion rush hack to your desktop

What Is This Minion Rush Hack Can Do
Check out these Awesome Features for the Minion Rush Hack:
- Unlock all Skins
- Unlock all Items
- Unlock all Upgrades
- Unlock all golden Items
Add all the available In-App Purchases as often as you want:
- Add unlimited Tokens
- Add unlimited Bananas
- And More

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Proof Cheats
Step 4.) Plug your Telephone into your Computer and wait a couple of seconds, then choose Android or iOS and press "Connect".

Step 5.) Choose the In-Program Purchases and other Attributes you need, then press the "Apply Changes"-Button and restart your Telephone. If you would like to get more stuff just restart the tool and use it again.

Step 6.) After you followed all the Measures you should have added the wanted In-Program Purchases to your phone. 
Download Hack
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